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Published: 2022-01-06

Environmental Engineering / Aplinkos inžinerija

The impact of an office indoor climate system performance parameters on energy consumption

Titas Maželis, Rasa Džiugaitė-Tumėnienė
Abstract 70 | PDF Downloads 41

Analysis and usage options of “Park and Ride” lots in Vilnius

Miglė Zabielaitė-Skirmantė, Marija Burinskienė
Abstract 59 | PDF Downloads 29

Inequality of public transport services in Lithuanian municipalities

Justina Ranceva, Rasa Ušpalytė-Vitkūnienė
Abstract 67 | PDF Downloads 40

Analysis of water supply network hydraulic modelling information system

Gabija Paulauskaitė, Marija Burinskienė
Abstract 60 | PDF Downloads 29

Investigation of surface reflectivity of cement concrete modular pavement

Deimantė Lunkevičiūtė, Viktoras Vorobjovas, Pranciškus Vitta
Abstract 49 | PDF Downloads 25

Information Technologies & Multimedia/Informacinės technologijos ir multimedija

Mechanics and Materials Engineering/Mechanika ir medžiagų inžinerija

Civil Engineering / Statybos inžinerija

Analysis of the traffic load–induced stresses of embankment

Mindaugas Zakarka
Abstract 252 | PDF Downloads 160

Analysis of embankment slope steepness and stability

Tadas Tamošiūnas
Abstract 188 | PDF Downloads 112

Sustainable supply chain management in construction

Ieva Cataldo
Abstract 309 | PDF Downloads 305

Dimensions of BIM in literature: review and analysis

Gintarė Piaseckienė
Abstract 468 | PDF Downloads 286

Aviation Technologies / Aviacinės technologijos

Application of software, representing cumulonimbus clouds, in air traffic control

Giedrius Derenčius, Ugnius Ragauskas
Abstract 64 | PDF Downloads 41

Economics and Management/ Ekonomika ir vadyba

Modeling the application of augmented reality technology in the education process

Indrė Stundžiaitė, Vida Davidavičienė
Abstract 174 | PDF Downloads 106

Trends in solar energy development projects in Lithuania

Aurelija Guigaitė, Artūras Jakubavičius
Abstract 209 | PDF Downloads 134

Support system for speculation by exchange trades funds

Gediminas Tumaševičius, Nijolė Maknickienė
Abstract 111 | PDF Downloads 95

Research of the impact of business cycles on the unemployment in the countries of the European Union

Karolina Krilytė, Kristina Matuzevičiūtė-Balčiūnienė
Abstract 166 | PDF Downloads 102

Business partnerships for crises management in the aviation companies

Donatas Jūras, Asta Radzevičienė
Abstract 128 | PDF Downloads 80

Forecasting costs in the accommodation and catering services sector under the risk and uncertainty

Vitalija Jarmolkovič, Algita Miečinskienė
Abstract 76 | PDF Downloads 45

Architecture / Architektūra

Manifestations of myths in architectural environment

Goda Sūdžiūtė
Abstract 8 | PDF Downloads 5

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