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Published: 2023-01-09

Environmental Engineering / Aplinkos inžinerija

E ticketing at public transport: solutions, advantages and perspectives in Lithuania

Andrius Samuilovas, Rasa Ušpalytė-Vitkūnienė
Abstract 75 | PDF Downloads 39

Analysis and evaluation of the biogas purification technologies from H2S

Kamyab Mohammadi, Rasa Vaiškūnaitė
Abstract 121 | PDF Downloads 39

Application of remote sensing for monitoring carbon farming: a review

Gustė Metrikaitytė Gudelė, Jūratė Sužiedelytė Visockienė
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 47

The evaluation of road infrastructure for self-driving vehicles

Vladislav Kondratovič, Donatas Čygas, Edita Juodvalkienė
Abstract 53 | PDF Downloads 20

Noise barriers efficiency dependence on their shape and geometry

Edgaras Strazdas, Tomas Januševičius
Abstract 41 | PDF Downloads 19

Information Technologies & Multimedia/Informacinės technologijos ir multimedija

Network intrusion detection using hybrid machine learning methods

Karina Čiurlienė, Denisas Stankevičius
Abstract 39 | PDF Downloads 19

Electronics and Electrical Engineering / Elektronika ir elektros inžinerija

Recognition of dynamic Lithuanian language gestures

Arnas Karmonas, Andrius Katkevičius
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 40

Analysis of TCP flood attack using NetFlow

Vsevolod Kapustin, Nerijus Paulauskas
Abstract 96 | PDF Downloads 63

Transport Engineering and Management / Transporto inžinerija ir vadyba

Dynamics and causes of crashes on Lithuanian roads

Edgaras Naidič, Justas Bražiūnas
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 67

Civil Engineering / Statybos inžinerija

The concept of the digital twin of the built environment

Eva Grigorjeva
Abstract 164 | PDF Downloads 139

Impact of green spaces on house prices

Aistė Gaižauskienė
Abstract 135 | PDF Downloads 106

Analysis of public procurement for building contracts

Arvydas Vilkonis
Abstract 156 | PDF Downloads 119

A review of thin-walled built-up cross-section assemblies

Mantas Stulpinas
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 56

Application of BIM technology in BREEAM certification

Martynas Pauža
Abstract 134 | PDF Downloads 89

Multi-criteria analysis of urbanized area development concepts

Viktorija Vitkauskienė
Abstract 76 | PDF Downloads 41

Economics and Management / Ekonomika ir vadyba

Research on the impact of financial technologies companies on commercial banks financial results

Birutė Versockytė, Daiva Burkšaitienė
Abstract 284 | PDF Downloads 242

Applicability of bankruptcy probability assessment models to financial sector companies

Giedrė Grikietytė, Alma Mačiulytė-Šniukienė
Abstract 299 | PDF Downloads 196

Consolidation processes in the banking sector

Andrėja Tereškinaitė, Asta Vasiliauskaitė
Abstract 103 | PDF Downloads 47

Architecture / Architektūra

Townscape: concept and research origins

Lina Panavaitė
Abstract 132 | PDF Downloads 104

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