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Published: 2024-01-04


Methodical approach to the choice of a business management strategy within the framework of a change in commercial activities

Farouq Ahmad Faleh Alazzam, Bassam Mustafa Abdel-Rahman Tubishat, Oksana Storozhuk, Olga Poplavska, Zinaida Zhyvko
Abstract 594 | PDF Downloads 556

Page 1–10

Determinants of ERM quality and its impact on company value

Nurul Hidayah, Zubir Azhar, Erna Setiany, Wiwik Utami, Deden Tarmidi
Abstract 460 | PDF Downloads 318

Page 11–23

Integrating sustainable development into their marketing strategy: practices of Lebanese agri-food industries

Vida Davidavičienė, Cendrella Abou Fayad, Marc Gergess
Abstract 414 | PDF Downloads 265

Page 24–35

Page 51–60

Need for relatedness and eating behaviour in millennials

Diana Escandon-Barbosa, Jairo Salas-Paramo
Abstract 134 | PDF Downloads 93

Page 73–82

The influence of personal brand communication on consumers

Saulius Kromalcas, Lidija Kraujalienė, Gustas Ževžikovas
Abstract 428 | PDF Downloads 246

Page 95–107

Page 108–118

The impact of online learning on business and economics students’ motivation during the Covid-19 pandemic

Maria João Machado, Ana Brasão, Maria Isabel Marques, Helena Martins, Américo Mateus
Abstract 194 | PDF Downloads 82

Page 119–131

Assessing the impact of architecture efficiency on the business model competitiveness

Anastasiia Bortnik, José Moleiro Martins, Mário Nuno Mata, Kateryna Boichenko, Rui Dantas
Abstract 120 | PDF Downloads 91

Page 132–142

Unemployment in the regional context in Latvia

Vera Hohlova
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 61

Page 143–153

Interactive role of strategic clarity in the relationship between organizational conflict management and strategic decision quality

Asahaq Naser Hussain, Ali Hussein Olaywi, Ahmed Abdullah Amanah, Alaa Hussein Fadhil
Abstract 208 | PDF Downloads 104

Page 154–163

The impact of market orientation on marketing performance: exploring the moderating role of competitive advantage

Dahmiri Dahmiri, Junaidi Junaidi, Johannes Johannes, Syahmardi Yacob, Sigit Indrawijaya
Abstract 187 | PDF Downloads 148

Page 164–174

Mapping of organizational democracy: a bibliometric study

Oğuzhan Kodalak, Meral Erdirençelebi, Abdullah Zübeyr Akman
Abstract 217 | PDF Downloads 137

Page 175–189

Some factors affecting financial distress in telecommunication companies in Southeast Asia

Farida Titik Kristanti, Sekarayu Pancawitri
Abstract 163 | PDF Downloads 104

Page 190–199

Actualizing the venturing model in Ukraine

Julia Yereshko, Iryna Kreidych, Maryna Kravchenko, Oksana Kazak, Оleksandr Kharchenko
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 45

Page 223–230

Barriers in adoption of FinTech by street vendors and hawkers in India using interpretive structural modeling

Priti Bakhshi, Reena Agrawal, Suhan Mendon, Daniel Frank, Cristi Spulbar, Ramona Birau, Robert Dorin Filip
Abstract 125 | PDF Downloads 73

Page 231–240

Peer-to-peer lending (P2P) as disruptive, but complementary in Covid-19 exogenous shock

Cliff Kohardinata, Novrys Suhardianto, Bambang Tjahjadi
Abstract 74 | PDF Downloads 41

Page 241–251

Preemptive market exploitability: resource advantage theory of competition perspective

Tumpal Pangihutan Situmorang, Augusty Tae Ferdinand, Farida Indriani
Abstract 78 | PDF Downloads 40

Page 252–262

Dynamic capabilities and performance of family businesses in emerging economies

Gina Rossignoli Cevallos, Daniel Guevara Sánchez
Abstract 0 | PDF Downloads 0

Page 263–277