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Published: 2023-06-08


The role of influencers and opinion formers marketing on creative brand communication

Miglė Eleonora Černikovaitė, Žaneta Karazijienė
Abstract 553 | PDF Downloads 417

Page 371–383

Creativity in distinctive brand assets

Gabija Velykytė
Abstract 492 | PDF Downloads 353

Page 384–396

Impact of full-scale models on students’ creativity in basic design course

Mohammed Elaby, Hany Mohamed, Mohamed Wafa, Sayed Sweilam
Abstract 304 | PDF Downloads 184

Page 411–432

Mental models and creative thinking skills in students’ physics learning

John Rafafy Batlolona, Markus Diantoro
Abstract 257 | PDF Downloads 277

Page 433–447

The role of divergent thinking in interpersonal trust during the COVID-19 pandemic: creative aspects

Massimiliano Palmiero, Rocco Palumbo, Irene Ceccato, Pasquale La Malva, Adolfo Di Crosta, Giulia Fusi, Maura Crepaldi, Maria Luisa Rusconi, Alberto Di Domenico
Abstract 361 | PDF Downloads 115

Page 465–478

The correlation between architecture students’ ambiguity tolerance and their creativity: negative capability inside the design studio

Naiera Ebrahim Mahmoud, Shaimaa Mohamed Kamel, Tamer Samir Hamza
Abstract 138 | PDF Downloads 129

Page 479–495

An examination of a few antecedents of green creativity using structural equation modeling

Manakkattil Mohammed Ismail Sulphey, Nasser Saad Al-Kahtani, Nabil Ahmed Mareai Senan, Anass Hamad Elneel Adow
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 80

Page 509–528

Page 529–540

Page 541–564

A creative model of entrepreneurship learning to improve self-efficacy, entrepreneurial intention, and student achievement

Saidun Hutasuhut, Thamrin Thamrin, Muhammad Ridwan
Abstract 156 | PDF Downloads 141

Page 578–592

Creative self-efficacy: a comparative study of outstanding and ordinary students in the United Arab Emirates

Ziyad Kamel Ellala, Jamal Hassan Abu-Attiyeh, Abdoulaye Kaba, Tamim Ahmed Jabarah
Abstract 101 | PDF Downloads 83

Page 593–603

Comparative study in the paradigm of art research and art creation

Bambang Sunarto
Abstract 299 | PDF Downloads 119

Page 604-623

Page 650–667

Innovation and creativity in batik motif design: a study of students’ art theses

Guntur Guntur, Ponimin Ponimin, Muhammad Arif Jati Purnomo
Abstract 112 | PDF Downloads 62

Page 668–681

Perceptions of preservice preschool teachers on concept of creativity

Güneş Sali, İpek Özbay Özdemir
Abstract 72 | PDF Downloads 57

Page 708–725

Creativity of Kazakh people in the context of kara jorga dance: preservation and development prospects of Kazakh cultural heritage

Gulnara Saitova, Gulnara Jumasseitova, Aigul Kulbekova, Alima Moldakhmetova, Toigan Izim
Abstract 41 | PDF Downloads 30

Page 726–739

Use of Kahoot! and Jamboard for the realization and organization of creative school activities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ricardo-Adán Salas-Rueda, Ana-Libia Eslava-Cervantes, Clara Alvarado-Zamorano
Abstract 0 | PDF Downloads 0

Page 784–804

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