Aims and Scope

Creativity Studies accepts original research articles with a focus on communication within the creative society. The journal welcomes contributions from scholars from diverse disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, history, political, communication and information sciences. Creativity Studies also publishes survey papers and descriptions of academic events in this area. The journal issues will be organized around different issues on creativity.

There is a great deal of attention paid to the visual and creative studies and how they contribute to the development of a creative society. The concept of a creative society means for some a harmonious and sustainable future while for others it could entail constant conflicts and inconsistencies. Therefore, the journal focuses on problems particular to the creative society and its communication, creative regions, training and management of creativity, and creative innovations in various sectors of science, art and culture.

We welcome articles that involve research into creativity and hope the journal provides an interdisciplinary platform for discussions around philosophy, history, sociology, politics and the communication sciences.