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Published: 2023-01-06


Creating claustrophobia in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk

Viktorija Lankauskaitė
Abstract 687 | PDF Downloads 350

Page 79–90

Theoretical presumptions of the creative industries innovation productivity performance

Deimantė Krisiukėnienė, Vaida Pilinkienė
Abstract 196 | PDF Downloads 139

Page 91–107

Page 108–124

Creative economy and the quintuple helix innovation model: a critical factors study in the context of regional development

Ariele Rodrigues-Ferreira, Herlander Afonso, José André Mello, Rebeca Amaral
Abstract 178 | PDF Downloads 104

Page 158–177

Practicing creative thinking and its relation to academic achievement

Samer Ayasrah, Mutawakil Obeidat, Qutaibeh Katatbeh, Abdalrahman Aljarrah, Mohammed-Ali Al-Akhras
Abstract 157 | PDF Downloads 132

Page 178–192

Page 211–224

Creativity and innovation in the design of public service announcements: classification and design models

Nataliia Skliarenko, Ivan Gryshchenko, Olena Kolosnichenko, Natalia Ostapenko, Marina Kolosnichenko
Abstract 103 | PDF Downloads 86

Page 225–240

Page 255–273

Measurement invariance, validity, reliability, and factor structure examination of the creativity nurturing behaviour scale for teachers: comparisons across gender in thirteen countries

Ekta Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, Mohammed Amin Hamed Al-Qudah, Canan Yildiz, Dickson Adom, Debra Ferdinand, Zaina Mustafa Mahmoud Hamad, Alexandra Stavrianoudaki, Reza Afhami
Abstract 180 | PDF Downloads 62

Page 274–296

Group dynamics and creativity: a research with young adults in Reggio Emilia, Italy

Sofya Komarova, Frashia Ndungu, Alessia Gavazzoli, Roberta Mineo
Abstract 110 | PDF Downloads 66

Page 297–314

Formation of creative thinking of a lawyer in modern conditions of development including the influence of COVID-19 pandemic

Farouq Ahmad Faleh Alazzam, Mueen Fandi Nhar Alshunnaq
Abstract 56 | PDF Downloads 35

Page 315–327

The way of enforcing the cultural rights of prisoners in the Polish and Hungarian prisons: the aspects of creativity

Márta Miklósi, Daria Becker-Pestka, Attila Károly Molnár
Abstract 102 | PDF Downloads 32

Page 328–342

Features of managing the creative development of the socio-economic system in the conditions of influence of COVID-19 pandemic

Marta Kopytko, Andrij Zaverbnyj, Iryna Diachuk, Uliana Nikonenko, Olena Khalina
Abstract 42 | PDF Downloads 29

Page 343–354

Field of creative culture: a study of creative movement and innovation of terracotta culture in Jatiwangi, Indonesia

Agus S. Ekomadyo, Nurrohman Wijaya, Vera J. Vardhani, Annas T. Maulana, Hernadi Suhendar, Vanessa Susanto
Abstract 33 | PDF Downloads 19

Page 355–370

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