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Current Issue

Published: 2024-05-22


Quantitative investment decisions based on machine learning and investor attention analysis

Jie Gao, Yunshu Mao, Zeshui Xu, Qianlin Luo
Abstract 1052 | PDF Downloads 598

Page 527–561

Procyclical economic policy and risks on economic growth sustainability in Romania

Daniel Tobă, Dalia Simion, Diana-Mihaela Țîrcă
Abstract 430 | PDF Downloads 240

Page 562–577

Does income inequality affect green innovation? A non-linear evidence

Xing-Yun Zou, Xin-Yu Peng, Xin-Xin Zhao, Jie Ma, Chun-Ping Chang
Abstract 1054 | PDF Downloads 512

Page 578–602

Are there digital tech bubbles in China?

Meng Qin, Chi-Wei Su, Lianhong Qiu, Oana-Ramona Lobonţ
Abstract 784 | PDF Downloads 424

Page 603–626

Measuring the effect of entry into the eurozone on economic growth – data storytelling using clustering and ANFIS

Jurica Bosna, Sonja Brlečić Valčić, Anita Peša
Abstract 282 | PDF Downloads 152

Page 646–666

Page 667–687

An early warning system for financial crises: a temporal convolutional network approach

Shun Chen, Yi Huang, Lei Ge
Abstract 306 | PDF Downloads 181

Page 688–711

Exporting activity in rural regions: does it differ from urban regions? Evidence from Poland

Jarosław M. Nazarczuk, Stanisław Umiński, Laura Márquez-Ramos
Abstract 315 | PDF Downloads 178

Page 712–732

Global patterns and extreme events in sovereign risk premia: a fuzzy vs deep learning comparative

David Alaminos, M. Belén Salas, Manuel A. Fernández-Gámez
Abstract 161 | PDF Downloads 89

Page 753–782

Solving the puzzle of China’s low inflation: A new perspective from sectoral core inflation fluctuations

Dayu Liu, Bin Xu, Yang Song, Tingyu Liu
Abstract 246 | PDF Downloads 140

Page 783–808

Quantifying the economic survive across the EU using Markov probability chains

Romeo-Victor Ionescu, Monica Laura Zlati, Valentin-Marian Antohi, Irina Olimpia Susanu, Nicoleta Bărbuță-Mișu
Abstract 288 | PDF Downloads 160

Page 809–849