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Does income inequality affect green innovation? A non-linear evidence

Xing-Yun Zou, Xin-Yu Peng, Xin-Xin Zhao, Jie Ma, Chun-Ping Chang
Abstract 905 | PDF Downloads 424 | DOI

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Are there digital tech bubbles in China?

Meng Qin, Chi-Wei Su, Lianhong Qiu, Oana-Ramona Lobonţ
Abstract 656 | PDF Downloads 345 | DOI

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Procyclical economic policy and risks on economic growth sustainability in Romania

Daniel Tobă, Dalia Simion, Diana-Mihaela Țîrcă
Abstract 295 | PDF Downloads 156 | DOI

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Exporting activity in rural regions: does it differ from urban regions? Evidence from Poland

Jarosław M. Nazarczuk, Stanisław Umiński, Laura Márquez-Ramos
Abstract 182 | PDF Downloads 103 | DOI

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Impact of heterogeneous local government competition and green technology innovation on economic low-carbon transition: new insights from China

Guangliang Liu, Wenfeng Ge, Xiaodong Yang, Asif Razzaq, Xufeng Su, Qiying Ran, Yang Xu
Abstract 172 | PDF Downloads 89 | DOI

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Quantifying the economic survive across the EU using Markov probability chains

Romeo-Victor Ionescu, Monica Laura Zlati, Valentin-Marian Antohi, Irina Olimpia Susanu, Nicoleta Bărbuță-Mișu
Abstract 166 | PDF Downloads 93 | DOI

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Does technological progress promote or prevent trade conflict? Evidence from China

Qian Zhao, Chi-Wei Su, Adelina Dumitrescu Peculea
Abstract 103 | PDF Downloads 80 | DOI

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