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Published: 2023-01-12


PLS-SEM model on business demand for technological services and R&D and innovation activities

Juan J. García-Machado, Włodzimierz Sroka, Martyna Nowak
Abstract 154 | PDF Downloads 65

Page 1–22

Can gold hedge the risk of fear sentiments?

Chi-Wei Su, Yiru Liu, Tsangyao Chang, Muhammad Umar
Abstract 180 | PDF Downloads 118

Page 23–44

Poverty alleviation in developing and underdeveloped countries. Do foreign capital and economic freedom matter?

Qifei Han, Lifu Jin, Muhammad Aamir Shafique Khan, Prince Asare Vitenu-Sackey, Bojan Obrenovic
Abstract 220 | PDF Downloads 130

Page 45–73

Page 74–90

What are the macroeconomic drivers of the asset returns of Turkish banks?

Zehra Civan, Gulhayat Golbasi Simsek, Utku Kubilay Çinar
Abstract 261 | PDF Downloads 196

Page 91–113

How does economic policy uncertainty affect green innovation?

Xin-Yu Peng, Xing-Yun Zou, Xin-Xin Zhao, Chun-Ping Chang
Abstract 322 | PDF Downloads 252

Page 114–140

The effects of international sanctions on green innovations

Qiang Fu, Qiang Gong, Xin-Xin Zhao, Chun-Ping Chang
Abstract 215 | PDF Downloads 153

Page 141–164

A robust optimization model with two uncertainties applied to supplier selection

Z. H. Che, Tzu-An Chiang, Chung-Chi Tsai
Abstract 134 | PDF Downloads 117

Page 165–191

Page 192–216

The recent ecological efficiency development in China: interactive systems of economy, society and environment

Rui Yang, Shaomin Wu, Christina W. Y. Wong, Kaiyuan Liu, Xin Miao, Yingwen Chen, Sisi Wang, Yanhong Tang
Abstract 253 | PDF Downloads 183

Page 217–252

The role of double-loop learning in manufacturing supply chains. The study of the disruptions driven by COVID-19 in Poland

Marzena Frankowska, Artur Swierczek, Katarzyna Cheba
Abstract 207 | PDF Downloads 174

Page 253–277

Open innovation: a research framework and case study of Huawei

Bo Li, Zeshui Xu, Hangyao Wu, Nan Hong, Marinko Skare
Abstract 28 | PDF Downloads 9

Page 278–306