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Published: 2022-06-07


Reverse mortgage and financial sustainability

Eva Boj, M. Mercè Claramunt, Xavier Varea
Abstract 268 | PDF Downloads 286

Page 872–892

Cross-national comparison of dynamic inefficiency for European dietetic food manufacturing firms

Magdalena Kapelko, Joanna Harasym, Agnieszka Orkusz, Arkadiusz Piwowar
Abstract 170 | PDF Downloads 232

Page 893–919

In search of a financial model for a sustainable economy

Magdalena Zioło, Iwona Bąk, Beata Zofia Filipiak, Anna Spoz
Abstract 214 | PDF Downloads 244 SM Downloads 107

Page 920–947

Page 948–978

The regional differences and random convergence of urban resilience in China

Tao Shi, Yurong Qiao, Qian Zhou, Jiguang Zhang
Abstract 270 | PDF Downloads 219

Page 979–1002

Does urbanization improve energy efficiency? Empirical evidence from China

Yantuan Yu, Nengsheng Luo
Abstract 161 | PDF Downloads 200

Page 1003–1021

Page 1044–1067

The impact of institutions on innovation networks: empirical evidence from Poland

Małgorzata Godlewska, Przemysław Banasik, Sylwia Morawska
Abstract 148 | PDF Downloads 163 SM Downloads 83

Page 1068–1088

Financial technology impact on stability of financial institutions

Jelena Stankevičienė, Jelena Kabulova
Abstract 177 | PDF Downloads 202

Page 1089–1114

Valuation of embedded options in non-marketable callable bonds: a new numerical approach

Roman Skalický, Marek Zinecker, Adam P. Balcerzak, Michał Bernard Pietrzak, Elżbieta Rogalska
Abstract 94 | PDF Downloads 88

Page 1115–1136

Dynamic thresholds of geometric consistency index associated with pairwise comparison matrix

Changsheng Lin, Gang Kou, Yi Peng, Mohammed A. Hefni
Abstract 78 | PDF Downloads 91

Page 1137–1157

Page 1158–1181