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Published: 2022-09-12


The interconnectedness of stock prices, money, and credit across time and frequency from 1970 to 2016

Maciej Ryczkowski, Marek Zinecker
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Page 1182–1220

Page 1221–1241

Evaluating ESG corporate performance using a new neutrosophic AHP-TOPSIS based approach

Javier Reig-Mullor, Ana Garcia-Bernabeu, David Pla-Santamaria, Marisa Vercher-Ferrandiz
Abstract 228 | PDF Downloads 171

Page 1242–1266

Southeast Asian nations’ regional competitiveness: an exploration through grey relational analysis

Tzu-Yi Fang, Sheng-Wei Lin, Huai-Wei Lo, Chia-Hao Wu
Abstract 206 | PDF Downloads 153

Page 1287–1312

Evaluation of regional innovation capability: an empirical study on major metropolitan areas in Taiwan

Yuan-Fung Dai, Pin-Yu Chu, Shih-Tong Lu, Wei Tong Chen, Yu-Chuen Tien
Abstract 255 | PDF Downloads 213

Page 1313–1349

Innovation divide in the world economy: China’s convergence towards the Triad

Arkadiusz Michał Kowalski
Abstract 172 | PDF Downloads 146

Page 1350–1367

Fuzzy model of sustainable development with the inclusion of financial variables

Magdalena Zioło, Anna Spoz, Iwona Bąk, Maciej Oesterreich
Abstract 153 | PDF Downloads 96

Page 1368–1391

Comparing the efficiency of regional knowledge innovation and technological innovation: a case study of China

Zhen Shi, Yingju Wu, Yung-ho Chiu, Changfeng Shi, Xiaohong Na
Abstract 140 | PDF Downloads 101

Page 1392–1418

Page 1419–1438

The efficiency of financing and R&D in technology-based SMEs and impact of financial regulation

Yongqi Feng, Haolin Zhang, Yung-ho Chiu, Tzu-Han Chang
Abstract 106 | PDF Downloads 110

Page 1439–1475

Enhancing innovation culture: the case of multinational advertising agency VMLY&R Lisboa

Rita T. Rocha, Fernando A. F. Ferreira, Alexandra Milici, Nerija Banaitienė, Audrius Banaitis
Abstract 140 | PDF Downloads 76

Page 1476–1501

The optimal proportion of state-owned shares in an industry chain

Xiao Kong, Chaoqun Sun, Jiali Liu, Junlong Chen
Abstract 61 | PDF Downloads 50

Page 1502–1526