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Published: 2022-04-21


The need of a new management regarding the contradictory East-West European capital and labour flows. A regional welfare approach

Romeo Victor Ionescu, Monica Laura Zlati, Valentin Marian Antohi
Abstract 184 | PDF Downloads 193

Page 583–610

The push and pull factors of China’s outward foreign direct investment in BRI countries

Sin Yee Lee, Zulkefly Abdul Karim, Norlin Khalid, Mohd Azlan Shah Zaidi
Abstract 227 | PDF Downloads 261

Page 611–637

Page 638–654

Economic, environmental, and social dimensions of farming sustainability – trade-off or synergy?

Aleksander Grzelak, Michał Borychowski, Jakub Staniszewski
Abstract 201 | PDF Downloads 217

Page 655–675

Environ-economic balance analysis in bilateral industrial trade: a comparison between Australia and China

Qun Gao, Bin Liu, Junjie Li, Chunlu Liu, Youquan Xu
Abstract 129 | PDF Downloads 153

Page 676–693

Linking the government expenditures to the achievement of the Europe 2020 strategy indicators. evidence from Central and Eastern European Countries

Roxana Maria Bădîrcea, Alina Georgiana Manta, Nicoleta Mihaela (Florea) Doran, Florin Liviu Manta
Abstract 121 | PDF Downloads 148

Page 694–715

Page 716–742

Environmental performance of China's economic system: integrative perspective of efficiency and productivity

Yingwen Chen, Rui Yang, Christina W. Y. Wong, Xin Miao
Abstract 73 | PDF Downloads 85

Page 743–774

Digital transformation and economic growth – DESI improvement and implementation

Magdalena Olczyk, Marta Kuc-Czarnecka
Abstract 139 | PDF Downloads 151

Page 775–803

Macroprudential policy, house price fluctuation and household consumption

Yang Qi, Haixiao Qin, Peide Liu, Jianxu Liu, Saulius Raslanas, Nerija Banaitienė
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 95

Page 804–830