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Published: 2024-07-09


The impact of R&D efficiency on economic growth in China: non-linear threshold effects

Chang-Sheng Liao, Xinyan Li
Abstract 224 | PDF Downloads 157

Page 1205–1228

A model for construction sector development in middle-income sub-Saharan African countries

Jorge Lopes, Nerija Banaitienė
Abstract 206 | PDF Downloads 150

Page 1229–1255

Does technological progress promote or prevent trade conflict? Evidence from China

Qian Zhao, Chi-Wei Su, Adelina Dumitrescu Peculea
Abstract 370 | PDF Downloads 249

Page 1256–1274

Sustainable digital transformation: the nexus between ICT and global green economic growth

Yiwen Li, Xia Li, Xiaojuan Wang, Chao Feng
Abstract 220 | PDF Downloads 152

Page 1275–1305

Bitcoin price and Chinese green bonds: evidence from the QARDL method

Kai-Hua Wang, Cui-Ping Wen, Ze-Zhong Zhang, Meng Qin, Tsangyao Chang
Abstract 145 | PDF Downloads 142

Page 1306–1329

Robot adoption and urban total factor productivity: evidence from China

Bowen Li, Cai Zhou
Abstract 193 | PDF Downloads 110

Page 1330–1351

Information as a consumer protection instrument on the consumer credit market

Iwona Dorota Czechowska, Marta Paduszyńska, Ryszard Jędrzejczak, Adam Sadowski
Abstract 168 | PDF Downloads 125

Page 1352–1371

Were the manufacturing companies resilient in the face of COVID-19 or did they take advantage?

Claudia Diana Sabău-Popa, Luminita Rus, Adrian Florea, Olimpia-Iuliana Ban, Simona Dzitac, Olivia Andreea Marcu
Abstract 58 | PDF Downloads 42

Page 1372–1391

Page 1412–1434