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Published: 2023-01-04


Landscape change of land use in the karst region of Jinan city, North China

Shanzhong Qi, Fuxin Heng, Lina Ji
Abstract 183 | PDF Downloads 209

Page 1–8

An analysis of the landscape structure changes as an ecological approach to achieve sustainable regional planning (Case Study: Latian Dam Watershed)

Banafsheh Shafie, Amir Hossein Javid, Homa Irani Behbahani, Hassan Darabi, Farhad Hosseinzadeh Lotfi
Abstract 197 | PDF Downloads 154

Page 9–22

Evaluation of landfill management at Piyungan landfill Yogyakarta by using integrated risk based approach method

Hani Mayasari, Banu Iqra Wardhana, Iqmal Tahir
Abstract 142 | PDF Downloads 145

Page 23–33

Health risk appraisal of urban thermal environment and characteristic analysis on vulnerable populations

Huanchun Huang, Yimin Zhao, Xin Deng, Hailin Yang, Lijian Ren
Abstract 136 | PDF Downloads 146

Page 34–43

The potential for using different substrates in green roofs

Handan Cakar, Ozlem Akat Saracoglu, Hulya Akat, Cenk Ceyhun Kilic, Hakan Adanacioglu
Abstract 171 | PDF Downloads 134

Page 44–51

Assessment of spatial and temporal distribution of Urban Heat Islands (UHI) in semi-arid climate

Nidal M. Hussein, Mohammed N. Assaf
Abstract 157 | PDF Downloads 150

Page 52–66

Quantitative study on GHG emissions and the GWP influence of cemetery green space maintenance based on LCA

Yang Liu, Yakai Lei, Douglas M. Johnston, Mingyu Jiang, Nalin Dong, Dongbo Xie, Zitong Ma, Xinyu Zhang, Nan Guo
Abstract 101 | PDF Downloads 67

Page 67–81

The first flush analysis of stormwater runoff in a humid climate

Reza Mastouri, Hassan Pourfallah Koushali, Mohammad Reza Khaledian
Abstract 101 | PDF Downloads 57

Page 82–91

Metagenomic analysis of microbial consortium GF-20 in corn stover degradation at low temperature

Bi-zhou Zhang, Qinggeer Borjigin, Ju-lin Gao, Xiao-fang Yu, Shu-ping Hu, Fu-gui Wang, Xin Zhang, Sheng-cai Han
Abstract 57 | PDF Downloads 35 SM Downloads 20

Page 92–102