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Published: 2024-01-26


Approaches to tax evasion: a bibliometric and mapping analysis of Web of Science indexed studies

Liliana Barbu, Alexandra Horobeț, Lucian Belașcu, Anca Gabriela Ilie
Abstract 303 | PDF Downloads 261

Page 1–20

The EU e-commerce market in a pandemic context – linking demographic factors and territorial convergence

Ancuța Stângaciu, Laura Țimiraș, Luminița Zaiț, Bogdan Nichifor, Marcela Danu, Eugenia Harja
Abstract 151 | PDF Downloads 139

Page 21–46

Employability, proactiveness and workplace behaviors: is socioeconomic status a mediator?

Carmen Păunescu, Carmen Acatrinei, Ruxandra Argatu, Stephen J. J. McGuire, Yang Zhang
Abstract 176 | PDF Downloads 170

Page 47–65

The nexus of big data analytics, knowledge sharing, and product innovation in manufacturing

Bülent Yildiz, Şemsettin Çiğdem, Ieva Meidutė-Kavaliauskienė, Renata Činčikaitė
Abstract 156 | PDF Downloads 152

Page 66–84

The consumers perceptions of employer and service brand equity’s: the exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis

Indrė Ščiukauskė, Giedrius Romeika, Ingrida Šarkiūnaitė
Abstract 117 | PDF Downloads 109

Page 85–103

The assessment of risk tolerance of Hungarian travellers towards abroad trips

Andrea Hanna Solyomfi, Ilona Skačkauskienė, Igor Borisov, Szergej Vinogradov
Abstract 122 | PDF Downloads 62 SM Downloads 22

Page 104–128

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