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Published: 2023-09-28


Page 614–632

The direct and indirect effects of internal enablers on internal integration and business performance

Emilio Ruzo-Sanmartín, Alaa A. Abousamra, Carmen Otero-Neira, Göran Svensson
Abstract 224 | PDF Downloads 234

Page 633–652

Exploring economic effects of work out of company office based on bibliometric analysis

Monica Aureliana Petcu, Irina Daniela Cișmașu
Abstract 105 | PDF Downloads 101

Page 676–695

Nonlinear effects of crude oil dependency on food prices in China: Evidence from quantile-on-quantile approach

Ying Yu, Chuqi Peng, Muhammad Zakaria, Hamid Mahmood, Samia Khalid
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 86

Page 696–711

Analysis of linkage fluctuation in time series data of nickel futures price index

Xiaoci Chen, Guanyu Huo, Gaojie Cao
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 87

Page 712–731

Opinions of owners and managers on the business risks of SMEs sustainability: does gender matter?

Jan Dvorsky, Judit Olah, Joanna Bednarz, Maria Hudakova
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 64

Page 732–753

Factors influencing women’s entrepreneurial intentions: a case study

Jurgita Raudeliūnienė, Ibrahim Matar
Abstract 159 | PDF Downloads 88

Page 754–770

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