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Published: 2024-02-28


A mathematical model for identifying military training flights

Anna Borucka, Przemysław Jabłoński, Krzysztof Patrejko, Łukasz Patrejko
Abstract 145 | PDF Downloads 133

Page 9–15

Exploring the possibilities of using bio-additives in military aviation fuels

Jacek Ryczyński, Artur Kierzkowski, Tomasz Kisiel, Laurynas Šišovas
Abstract 124 | PDF Downloads 125

Page 16–25

Page 26–33

Modification of the sickle insert of an internal gear pump

Krzysztof Towarnicki, Algimantas Danilevičius, Šarūnas Šukevičius
Abstract 70 | PDF Downloads 77

Page 34–39

The impact of mechanical vibrations on hydraulic valves and the possibility of reducing the effects

Michał Stosiak, Paulius Skačkauskas, Adam Deptuła
Abstract 76 | PDF Downloads 92

Page 40–48