Aims and Scope

At present, transport is one of the key branches playing a crucial role in the development of economy. Reliable and properly organized transport services are required for a professional performance of industry, construction and agriculture. The public mood and efficiency of work also largely depend on the valuable functions of a carefully chosen transport system. A steady increase in transportation is accompanied by growing demands for a higher quality of transport services and optimum efficiency of transport performance. Currently, joint efforts taken by the transport experts and governing institutions of the country are required to develop and enhance the performance of the national transport system conducting theoretical and empirical research.

TRANSPORT is an international peer-reviewed journal covering main aspects of transport and providing a source of information for the engineer and the applied scientist.

 The journal TRANSPORT publishes articles in the fields of:

  • transport policy;
  • fundamentals of the transport system;
  • technology for carrying passengers and freight using road, railway, inland waterways, sea and air transport;
  • technology for multimodal transportation and logistics;
  • loading technology;
  • roads, railways;
  • airports, ports, transport terminals;
  • traffic safety and environment protection;
  • design, manufacture and exploitation of motor vehicles;
  • pipeline transport;
  • transport energetics;
  • fuels, lubricants and maintenance materials;
  • teamwork of customs and transport;
  • transport information technologies;
  • transport economics and management;
  • transport standards;
  • transport educology and history, etc.