Aims and Scope

Geodesy and Cartography is a peer-reviewed journal publishing original research papers. It publishes papers in the following fields of research:

  • study, establishment and improvement of the geodesy and mapping technologies,
  • establishing and improving the geodetic networks,
  • theoretical and practical principles of developing standards for geodetic measurements,
  • mathematical treatment of the geodetic and photogrammetric measurements,
  • controlling and application of the permanent GPS stations,
  • study and measurements of Earth’s figure and parameters of the gravity field,
  • study and development the geoid models,
  • study and measurements of the vertical and horizontal movements of the Earth’s crust,
  • geodetic information systems,
  • information systems for land management and real estate cadastre,
  • cadastral surveying,
  • photogrammetric methods in mapping systems,
  • digital mapping methods.