The study on loads on an aircraft piston engine Continental Motors IOF-240-b5b in training flights

    Łukasz Grabowski Affiliation
    ; Zbigniew Czyż Affiliation
    ; Marcin Porzak Affiliation


This investigation presents the development of a model of a flight envelope for a piston engine aircraft. The study covers performing necessary tests and measurements of the selected operating parameters of the engine piston and an analysis of the results. The paper describes also a mission and aircraft manoeuvres. This investigation enables us to study loads on an aircraft piston engine, i.e. Continental Motors IOF-240-B5B, mounted in the Liberty XL2 by Liberty Aerospace.

Keyword : engines, planes, aircraft, load study, FADEC, rotational speed, mean head temperature, intake manifold pressure

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Grabowski, Łukasz, Czyż, Z., & Porzak, M. (2018). The study on loads on an aircraft piston engine Continental Motors IOF-240-b5b in training flights. Transport, 33(3), 773-778.
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Sep 27, 2018
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