Pairwise comparison matrix in multiple criteria decision making

    Gang Kou Affiliation
    ; Daji Ergu Affiliation
    ; Yang Chen Affiliation
    ; Changsheng Lin Affiliation


The measurement scales, consistency index, inconsistency issues, missing judgment estimation and priority derivation methods have been extensively studied in the pairwise comparison matrix (PCM). Various approaches have been proposed to handle these problems, and made great contributions to the decision making. This paper reviews the literature of the main developments of the PCM. There are plenty of literature related to these issues, thus we mainly focus on the literature published in 37 peer reviewed international journals from 2010 to 2015 (searched via ISI Web of science). We attempt to analyze and classify these literatures so as to find the current hot research topics and research techniques in the PCM, and point out the future directions on the PCM. It is hoped that this paper will provide a comprehensive literature review on PCM, and act as informative summary of the main developments of the PCM for the researchers for their future research.

First published online: 02 Sep 2016

Keyword : Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), Analytical Network Process (ANP), consistency, pairwise comparison matrix (PCM), missing judgment estimation, priority derivation, multicriteria decision-making (MCDM)

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Kou, G., Ergu, D., Chen, Y., & Lin, C. (2016). Pairwise comparison matrix in multiple criteria decision making. Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 22(5), 738-765.
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Aug 19, 2016
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