Dual hesitant fuzzy aggregation operators

    Dejian Yu Affiliation
    ; Wenyu Zhang Affiliation
    ; George Huang Affiliation


Dual hesitant fuzzy sets (DHFSs) is a generalization of fuzzy sets (FSs) and it is typical of membership and non-membership degrees described by some discrete numerical. In this article we chiefly concerned with introducing the aggregation operators for aggregating dual hesitant fuzzy elements (DHFEs), including the dual hesitant fuzzy arithmetic mean and geometric mean. We laid emphasis on discussion of properties of newly introduced operators, and give a numerical example to describe the function of them. Finally, we used the proposed operators to select human resources outsourcing suppliers in a dual hesitant fuzzy environment.

First published online: 11 Sep 2015

Keyword : DHFSs, dual hesitant fuzzy arithmetic mean, dual hesitant fuzzy geometric mean, aggregation operator, human resources outsourcing suppliers

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Yu, D., Zhang, W., & Huang, G. (2016). Dual hesitant fuzzy aggregation operators. Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 22(2), 194-209.
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Mar 24, 2016
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