Organizational governance to integrate sustainability projects: a case study

    Saumyendu Ghosh Affiliation
    ; Lauren Buckler Affiliation
    ; Mirosław J. Skibniewski Affiliation
    ; Sam Negahban Affiliation
    ; Young Hoon Kwak Affiliation


Sustainable development represents a major challenge of the 21st century. Organizations use projects to implement strategic corporate objectives, exploring sustainable development from a project management perspective is imperative. While current project management techniques are well defined in terms of content and process to manage the budget-scope-time constraint, availability of organization resources and ability to adopt project governance strategies in a changing business environment, like incorporating sustainability in business process is ambiguous, literature has not explored how to cope with a normative situation like sustainability. We consider Small-to-Mid-Size-Construction-Organizations (SMSCOs), which makes up the largest portion of the project-based industry and are most impacted by new government regulations, as our population of interest. This paper addresses two primary objectives in relation to organizational resources available for SMSCOs: to identify an organization's shortcomings in undertaking a sustainable project, and to identify means for improving organizational readiness to cope with governance of sustainable projects. A case study with a SMSCO to understand activities, resource availability, and how to improve organization readiness to undertake projects related to sustainability is discussed. A conceptual framework is presented for the adoptive project governance process to ensure resource constrained organizations like SMSCO's can align better to govern such projects.

First published online: 28 Jan 2014

Keyword : sustainable development, project management, project governance

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Ghosh, S., Buckler, L., Skibniewski, M. J., Negahban, S., & Kwak, Y. H. (2014). Organizational governance to integrate sustainability projects: a case study. Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 20(1), 1-24.
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Mar 26, 2014
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