Water quality modeling in bērze river catchment

    Kaspars Abramenko Affiliation
    ; Ainis Lagzdiņš Affiliation
    ; Artūrs Veinbergs Affiliation


The paper describes water quality modeling approaches for the mid-sized river (1001000 km2) catchment in Latvia. The hydro-chemical data (2005 to 2010) in 15 subcatchments of Bērze River (872 km2) represent water quality and land use type-specific concentrations. Water sampling shows that significant pollution results from management of organic manure and intensive agriculture, where the maximum concentrations of nitrate nitrogen are 9.2 and 18.1 mg l−1 reaching or exceeding the limit established by the EU Nitrates Directive of 11.3 mg l−1. The application of pollution load source apportionment could be useful for decision making to set up the action plans for the implementation of appropriate pollution reduction measures.

First published online: 14 May 2013

Keyword : type-specific concentration, nutrients, source apportionment, retention

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Abramenko, K., Lagzdiņš, A., & Veinbergs, A. (2013). Water quality modeling in bērze river catchment. Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management, 21(4), 316-324.
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Dec 9, 2013
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