Environmental effect of co-firing and magnetic field on wood pellets combustion

    Vera Suzdalenko Affiliation
    ; Martins Gedrovics Affiliation


The aim of the recent research is to provide stable, controllable and effective wood pellets combustion with minimum emissions. Two possibilities were chosen, investigated and analysed: wood pellets co-firing with propane-butane mixture and the use of a permanent magnet. The special pilot device was constructed in the laboratory of Heat and Mass Transfer in Institute of Physics. Two types of experiments were conducted: combustion with propane-butane supply (0.9 kW up to 1.27 kW) of wood pellets with different moisture content (W = 8%, 15%, 20% and 25%); combustion of wood pellets with applied magnetic field by using the permanent magnet, an propane-butane supply also was used. The main conclusion of the research is that co-firing and magnetic field can be used as an instrument to provide more effective burnout of volatiles and cleaner heat production.

First published online: 19 Mar 2014

Keyword : air pollution, wood pellets, propane-butane mixture, co-fring, magnetic feld, clean and efective heat energy production

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Suzdalenko, V., & Gedrovics, M. (2014). Environmental effect of co-firing and magnetic field on wood pellets combustion. Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management, 22(2), 115-124.
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Jun 20, 2014
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