An integrated framework utilising software agent reasoning and ontology models for sensor based building monitoring

    Michael Dibley Affiliation
    ; Haijiang Li Affiliation
    ; Yacine Rezgui Affiliation
    ; John Miles Affiliation


Smart building monitoring demands a new software infrastructure that can elaborate building domain knowledge in order to provide advanced and intelligent functionalities. Conventional facility management (FM) software tools lack semantically rich components, and that limits the capability of supporting software for automatic information sharing, resource negotiation and to assist in timely decision making. Recent hardware innovation on compact ZigBee sensor devices, software developments on ontology and intelligent software agent paradigms provide a good opportunity to develop tools that can further improve current FM practices. This paper introduces an integrated framework which includes a ZigBee based sensor network and underlying multi-agent software (MAS) components. Several different types of sensors were integrated with the ZigBee host devices to produce compact multi-functional sensor units. The MAS framework incorporates the belief-desire-intention (BDI) abstraction with ontology support (provided via explicit knowledge bases). The different software agent types have been developed to work with sensor hardware to conduct resource negotiation, to optimize battery utilization, to monitor building space in a non-intrusive way and to reason about its usage through real time ontology model queries. The deployed sensor network shows promising intelligent characteristics, and it has been applied in several on-going research projects as an underlying decision making service. More applications and larger deployments have been planned for future work.

Keyword : multi-agent system (MAS), belief-desire-intention (BDI), ontology, building management system (BMS), domain knowledge, ZigBee sensor unit

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Dibley, M., Li, H., Rezgui, Y., & Miles, J. (2015). An integrated framework utilising software agent reasoning and ontology models for sensor based building monitoring. Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, 21(3), 356-375.
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Feb 26, 2015
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