Picture fuzzy cross-entropy for multiple attribute decision making problems

    Guiwu Wei Affiliation


In this paper, we investigate the multiple attribute decision making problems with picture fuzzy information. The advantage of picture fuzzy set is easily reflecting the ambiguous nature of subjective judgments because the picture fuzzy sets are suitable for capturing imprecise, uncertain, and inconsistent information in the multiple attribute decision making analysis. Thus, the cross entropy of picture fuzzy sets, called picture fuzzy cross entropy, is proposed as an extension of the cross entropy of fuzzy sets. Then, a multiple attribute decision making method based on the proposed picture fuzzy cross entropy is established in which attribute values for alternatives are picture fuzzy numbers. In decision making process, we utilize the picture fuzzy weighted cross entropy between the ideal alternative and an alternative to rank the alternatives corresponding to the cross entropy values and to select the most desirable one(s). Finally, a practical example for enterprise resource planning system selection is given to verify the developed approach and to demonstrate its practicality and effectiveness.

Keyword : multiple attribute decision making, fuzzy set, picture fuzzy set, picture fuzzy cross-entropy, picture fuzzy weighted cross-entropy, enterprise resource planning, system selection

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Wei, G. (2016). Picture fuzzy cross-entropy for multiple attribute decision making problems. Journal of Business Economics and Management, 17(4), 491-502.
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Jul 8, 2016
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