Performance of FHWA model for predicting traffic noise: A case study of Metropolitan city, Lucknow (India)

    Arvind K. Shukla Affiliation
    ; Sukhvir S. Jain Affiliation
    ; Manoranjan Parida Affiliation
    ; Jyoti B. Srivastava Affiliation


Industrial and transport activities are the two major sources of noise pollution in any metropolitan city. Lucknow city, the capital of the largest populated state Uttar Pradesh in India has an area of 310 sq. km and is rapidly growing as a commercial, industrial and trading centre of northern India. The population of Lucknow city as per census 2001 is 22.45 Lacs. It is expected that by the year 2021 it will make 45 Lacs. The total vehicle population in Lucknow city on 31 March 2008, was nearly 1 million with almost 80% two wheelers, 12% cars, 1.36% three wheelers, 0.45% buses etc. A study was carried out to assess the existing status of noise levels and its impacts on the environment with a possibility of further expansion of the city. Ambient noise levels were measured at different locations selected on the basis of land use such as silence, heavy traffic and residential and commercial zones. It was found that noise levels at all selected locations were much higher (75–90 dB) than the prescribed limits. The observed traffic volume and data on road geometry were used to predict noise levels using Federal Highway Administration Agency (FHWA) model and the calculated noise levels were compared with the observed levels for checking the suitability of this model for predicting the future levels. It was established that the results obtained by FHWA model were very close to the observed noise levels and that the model was suitable to be used for other similar metropolitan cities in India.

First published online: 27 Oct 2010

Keyword : buffer zones, equivalent noise level, noise barriers, FHWA model, ambient noise pollution

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Shukla, A. K., Jain, S. S., Parida, M., & Srivastava, J. B. (2009). Performance of FHWA model for predicting traffic noise: A case study of Metropolitan city, Lucknow (India). Transport, 24(3), 234-240.
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Sep 30, 2009
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