An integrating scheduling model for mixed cross-operation in container terminals

    Chao Chen Affiliation
    ; Qingcheng Zeng Affiliation
    ; Zhe Zhang Affiliation


This paper focuses on the optimization of operation scheduling in container terminals based on mix cross-operation. Mix cross-operation is a scheduling method which allows yard trailers to be shared by different yard cranes in different berths to decrease yard trailers’ travel distance. An integrating scheduling model that optimizes the three key and interrelated issues, namely, berth assignment, equipment configuration and trailer routing are proposed. To solve the model, a bi-level genetic algorithm is designed. Numerical tests show that integrating scheduling method can reduce operation cost of container terminals significantly and mix cross-operation can decrease yard trailers’ empty travel distance to a great extent.

First Published Online: 21 Dec 2012

Keyword : container terminal, integrated scheduling model, mixed cross-operation, bi-level genetic algorithm, optimization

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Chen, C., Zeng, Q., & Zhang, Z. (2012). An integrating scheduling model for mixed cross-operation in container terminals. Transport, 27(4), 405-413.
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Dec 31, 2012
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