Metaheuristic approach to transportation scheduling in emergency situations

    Peter Korošec Affiliation
    ; Gregor Papa Affiliation


This paper compares two metaheuristic approaches in solving a constrained transportation scheduling problem, which can be found in transporting goods in emergency situations. We compared Greedy Search, Parameter-less Evolutionary Search and Ant-Stigmergy Algorithm. The transportation scheduling/allocation problem is NP-hard, and is applicable to different real-life situations with high frequency of loading and unloading operations; like in depots, warehouses and ports. To evaluate the efficiency of the presented approaches, they were tested with four tasks based on realistic data. Each task was evaluated using group and free transportation approach. The experiments proved that all tested algorithms are viable option in solving such scheduling problems, however some performing better than others on some tasks.

First Published Online: 03 Apr 2013

Keyword : transportation, emergency situation, vehicle scheduling, metaheuristic optimization, genetic algorithm, greedy search, ant-colony optimization

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Korošec, P., & Papa, G. (2013). Metaheuristic approach to transportation scheduling in emergency situations. Transport, 28(1), 46-59.
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Mar 31, 2013
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