A functional road classification with data mining techniques


The current international road standards, in order to give organization and safety, promote the classification of roads according to their technical and functional characteristics beyond their administrative membership, but the procedures are yet strongly based on the expertise’s judgment. In fact, although this activity has a great importance for the consequences that produces in terms of responsibility and allocation of economic resources, it is solely based on the quantification of some variables without specifying methods or analytical procedures. In this paper, after an instrumental survey of the road environment, we applied data mining techniques that consider the ‘vagueness’ of the analysed scenario. The type of algorithms used, therefore, permits to quantify a degree of membership (among 0 and 1) of a road to the groupings provided and to prepare any corrective action in order to direct the final result towards a specific class with greater precision. In addition, this method is very flexible and willing to contain new variables or observations at different times with great easiness. Moreover, the geographical location of the individual observations, as it was done also in this research, can be transferred to a GIS system, with a positive impact on maintenance programs.

First Published Online: 16 Dec 2014

Keyword : fuzzy, infrastructure, traffic safety, uncertainty, road

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D’Andrea, A., Cappadona, C., La Rosa, G., & Pellegrino, O. (2014). A functional road classification with data mining techniques. Transport, 29(4), 419–430.
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Dec 31, 2014
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