Non-symmetric flow over a stretching/shrinking surface with mass transfer

    Yian Yian Lok Affiliation
    ; John H. Merkin Affiliation
    ; Ioan Pop Affiliation


The non-symmetric flow over a stretching/shrinking surface in an otherwise quiescent fluid is considered under the assumption that the surface can stretch or shrink in one direction and stretch in a direction perpendicular to this. The problem is reduced to similarity form, being described by two dimensionless parameters, γ the relative stretching/shrinking rate and S characterizing the fluid transfer through the boundary. Numerical solutions are obtained for representative values of γ and S, a feature of which are the existence of critical values  of γ dependent on S, these being determined numerically. Asymptotic forms for large γ and S, for both fluid withdrawal, S > 0 and injection S < 0 are obtained and compared with the corresponding numerical results.

Keyword : non-symmetric flow, permeable surface, multiple solutions, asymptotic solutions

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Lok, Y. Y., Merkin, J. H., & Pop, I. (2019). Non-symmetric flow over a stretching/shrinking surface with mass transfer. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 24(4), 617-634.
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Oct 25, 2019
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