Numerical experiments with single mode gyrotron equations

    Andrejs Reinfelds Affiliation
    ; Olgerts Dumbrajs Affiliation
    ; Harijs Kalis Affiliation
    ; Janis Cepitis Affiliation
    ; Dana Constantinescu Affiliation


Gyrotrons are microwave sources whose operation is based on the stimulated cyclotron radiation of electrons oscillating in a static magnetic field. This process is described by the system of two complex differential equations: nonlinear first order ordinary differential equation with parameter (averaged equation of electron motion) and second order partial differential equation for high frequency field (RF field) in resonator (Schrödinger type equation for the wave amplitude).

The stationary problem of the single mode gyrotron equation in short time interval with real initial conditions was numerically examined in our earlier work. In this paper we consider the stationary and nonstationary problems in large time interval with complex oscillating initial conditions.

We use the implicit finite difference schemes and the method of lines realized with MATLAB. Two versions of gyrotron equation are investigated. We consider different methods for modelling new and old versions of the gyrotron equations. The main physical result is the possibility to determine the maximal value of the wave amplitude and the electron efficiency coefficient.

Keyword : finite difference scheme, gyrotron equation, method of lines, oscillation of solution

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Reinfelds, A., Dumbrajs, O., Kalis, H., Cepitis, J., & Constantinescu, D. (2012). Numerical experiments with single mode gyrotron equations. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 17(2), 251-270.
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Apr 1, 2012
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