An operator-based approach for the construction of closed-form solutions to fractional differential equations


An operator-based approach for the construction of closed-form solutions to fractional differential equations is presented in this paper. The technique is based on the analysis of Caputo and Riemann-Liouville algebras of fractional power series. Explicit solutions to a class of linear fractional differential equations are obtained in terms of Mittag-Leffler and fractionally-integrated exponential functions in order to demonstrate the viability of the proposed technique.

Keyword : fractional differential equation, operator calculus, analytical solution, closed-form solution

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Navickas, Z., Telksnys, T., Timofejeva, I., Marcinkevičius, R., & Ragulskis, M. (2018). An operator-based approach for the construction of closed-form solutions to fractional differential equations. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 23(4), 665-685.
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Oct 9, 2018
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