Practical error analysis for the three-level bilinear FEM and finite-difference scheme for the 1D wave equation with non-smooth data

    Alexander Zlotnik Affiliation
    ; Olga Kireeva Affiliation


We deal with the standard three-level bilinear FEM and finite-difference scheme with a weight to solve the initial-boundary value problem for the 1D wave equation. We consider the rich collection of initial data and the free term which are the Dirac δ-functions, discontinuous, continuous but with discontinuous derivatives and from the Sobolev spaces, accomplish the practical error analysis in the L2, L1, energy and uniform norms as the mesh refines and compare results with known theoretical error bounds.

Keyword : 1D wave equation, non-smooth data, bilinear FEM, finite-difference scheme, practical error analysis

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Zlotnik, A., & Kireeva, O. (2018). Practical error analysis for the three-level bilinear FEM and finite-difference scheme for the 1D wave equation with non-smooth data. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 23(3), 359-378.
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Jun 14, 2018
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