Existence of entropy solution for a nonlinear parabolic problem in weighted Sobolev space via optimization method

    Lhoucine Hmidouch   Affiliation
    ; Ahmed Jamea   Affiliation
    ; Mohamed Laghdir   Affiliation


This paper investigates the existence result of entropy solution for some nonlinear degenerate parabolic problem in weighted Sobolov space with Dirichlet type boundary conditions and L1 data.

Keyword : nonlinear parabolic problem, opimization method, Dirichlet type boundary, entropy solution, weighted Sobolev space

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Hmidouch, L., Jamea, A., & Laghdir, M. (2023). Existence of entropy solution for a nonlinear parabolic problem in weighted Sobolev space via optimization method. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 28(3), 393–414.
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Sep 4, 2023
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