Weak solution for nonlinear fractional p(.)-Laplacian problem with variable order via Rothe's time-discretization method

    Abdelali Sabri   Affiliation


In this paper, we prove the existence and uniqueness results of weak solutions to a class of nonlinear fractional parabolic p(.)-Laplacian problem with variable order. The main tool used here is the Rothe’s method combined with the theory of variable-order fractional Sobolev spaces with variable exponent.

Keyword : fractional p(.)-Laplacian, fractional Sobolev space, semi-discretization, Rothe’s method, variable exponent, variable order, weak solution

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Sabri, A. (2022). Weak solution for nonlinear fractional p(.)-Laplacian problem with variable order via Rothe’s time-discretization method. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 27(4), 533–546.
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Nov 10, 2022
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