The study of road conditions that affect tilt-based text input for mobile devices


With the rapid advances in technology of mobile devices, their application areas expand continuously as well. Given the growth of the market share for mobile devices, one of the main issues that arise is the need for new and convenient techniques for data input and output suitable for various settings. Tilt-based text input is one of the alternatives that attract attention of current researchers. This study investigates the potential of using tilt-based interaction to enter text while sitting as a passenger in a moving vehicle. In addition, the investigation focused on the characteristics of the road as well as driving conditions that affect tilt-based text input. The study manipulated the following factors: keyboard size 10×4 and road unevenness (small, moderate, and large). 14 participants, aged 25 to 50, took part in the user study. The best performance and the shortest task completion time equal to 24.5 seconds was observed when the vehicle was moving at a constant speed on a straight road with small unevenness. The task completion time increased by 15% in moderate unevenness road and by almost 20 % in large unevenness road. Error rate and movement efficiency were investigated additionally in order to find out the cause of such times.

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Kelio netolygumų įtakos akselerometru grįstai mobiliojo įrenginio teksto įvesčiai tyrimas


Greitai besivystant mobiliųjų įrenginių technologijoms vienas iš perspektyvių teksto įvesties būdų yra teksto įvestis naudojant mobiliojo įrenginio akselerometrą. Buvo atliktas kelio kokybės įtakos įvesčiai taikant ekselerometrą tyrimas. Kelio kokybė buvo nustatoma naudojant to paties akselerometro duomenis. Tyrimai parodė, kad važiuojant geros kokybės keliu užduotis atliekama per 24,5 sekundės. Blogėjant kelio kokybei užduoties atlikimo laikas ilgėja. Kartu blogėja ir vidutinės klaidos bei vidutinio judesio efektyvumo rezultatai.

Reikšminiai žodžiai: mobilioji teksto įvestis, pokrypio įvestis, klaviatūros dydis, kelio nelygumai.

Keyword : mobile text input, tilt-input, keyboard size, road unevenness

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Miniotas, D., Katkevičius, A., & Plonis, D. (2017). The study of road conditions that affect tilt-based text input for mobile devices. Mokslas – Lietuvos Ateitis / Science – Future of Lithuania, 9(3), 345-348.
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Jul 4, 2017
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