Plazma ARC joining of thin plate constructions


Heat and fluid flow exist not only in ingots or big size welds but also in small size microplasma ARC melted weld pool. Edge weld pool geometry depend from interfacial energy, direction of the fluid flows in the weld pool caused by thermocapilary convection. Thermocapilary convection is the dominant flow mechanism under downhand welding conditions. Comparision are made between calculated size of edge weld and experimental results.

Article in Lithuanian.

Plazminis plonalakščių konstrukcuijų sujungimas

First Published Online: 26 Jul 2012

Keyword : microplasma ARC

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Valiulis, A. V. (1995). Plazma ARC joining of thin plate constructions. Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, 1(1), 76-82.
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Mar 31, 1995
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