Construction 3D BIM-based knowledge management system: a case study

    Yu-Cheng Lin Affiliation


Knowledge management (KM) is the organization, creation, sharing and flow of knowledge within organizations. Knowledge can be shared and reused among involved engineers and experts to improve a construction process and reduce the time and cost of solving problems. This paper proposes a new and practical methodology to capture and represent construction project knowledge by using a Building Information Modeling (BIM) approach. Using BIM approach, users can make visual knowledge management in the 3D Computer-aided Design (CAD) environment. This study addresses the application of knowledge management in the construction phase of construction projects and proposes a Construction BIM-based Knowledge Management (CBIMKM) system for general contractors. The CBIMKM is then applied in selected case studies of a construction building project in Taiwan to verify our proposed methodology and demonstrate the effectiveness of sharing knowledge in the 3D environment. By applying the BIM approach, all participants in a project can share and reuse explicit and tacit knowledge through the 3D CAD-based knowledge map. The combined results demonstrate that the CBIMKM system can be used as a visual 3D-based knowledge management platform by utilizing the BIM approach and web technology.

Keyword : construction knowledge management, BIM, building information modeling, project management, web-based information system

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Lin, Y.-C. (2014). Construction 3D BIM-based knowledge management system: a case study. Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, 20(2), 186-200.
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Mar 10, 2014
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