Towards BIM-GIS integration for road intelligent management system

    Jorge Jerez Cepa Affiliation
    ; Rubén Muñoz Pavón Affiliation
    ; Marcos García Alberti Affiliation
    ; Paloma Caramés Affiliation


Roads and highways are often managed by using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). However, these systems lack the level of detail that Building Information Modelling (BIM) can bring to an infrastructure management system. BMGIS integration allows the management of information from both infrastructure and environmental points of view. This provides an overview of the infrastructure, facilitating decision-making process throughout its complete life cycle. This article shows a semi-automated process to generate the hybrid BIM-GIS model of Madrid Calle30. The model together with an external database was uploaded to an intelligent management platform that allows visualising the available documentation, assisting management, and bringing the ring-road closer to a digital twin of the infrastructure.

Keyword : BIM, GIS, infrastructure, road, modelling, facility management, intelligent management platform

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Cepa, J. J., Pavón, R. M., Alberti, M. G., & Caramés, P. (2023). Towards BIM-GIS integration for road intelligent management system. Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, 29(7), 621–638.
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Sep 11, 2023
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