A growth model for the quadruple helix

    Oscar Afonso Affiliation
    ; Sara Monteiro Affiliation
    ; Maria Thompson Affiliation


We develop a R&D-based growth model with productive public expenditure in order to frame the Quadruple Helix (QH) innovation concept, based on four helices: Academia & Technological Infrastructures, Firms, Government and Civil Society. Our motivation stems from acknowledgment that the relationship between these four helices and their joint impact on growth is in need of a theoretical framework. We aim to emphasise the importance to economic growth of innovation systems structured on these four helices. The introduced model confirms theoretically the notion that increases in: (i) complementarities between distinct productive units, or (ii) in productive government expenditure, lead to higher growth.

Keyword : economic growth, quadruple helix, innovation systems, government expenditure

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Afonso, O., Monteiro, S., & Thompson, M. (2012). A growth model for the quadruple helix. Journal of Business Economics and Management, 13(5), 849-865.
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Oct 4, 2012
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