Applying nanodispersed modifiers for producing shielding polyfunctional coatings

    Arina Shaybadullina Affiliation
    ; Grigory Yakovlev Affiliation
    ; Grigory Pervushin Affiliation
    ; Irina Polynskih Affiliation


The first mineral based lacquer and paint coating have been developed based on Portland cement and soda glass, which does not require traditional silicators of zinc oxide and is also capable of absorbing man-made radiation. A significant change in the structure of silicate paint has been achieved by its modification with multi-layered carbon nanotubes. The developed composition has water resistance, good adhesion to the base, the improved durability, is capable of operating at high temperatures; the life of coating is 3 times longer in comparison with its analogues.

Keyword : silicate coating, carbon nanotubes, microstructure, liquid glass, Portland cement, screening, man-made radiation, the electro absorption

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Shaybadullina, A., Yakovlev, G., Pervushin, G., & Polynskih, I. (2014). Applying nanodispersed modifiers for producing shielding polyfunctional coatings. Engineering Structures and Technologies, 6(1), 13-17.
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Sep 29, 2014
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