Possible defects in wood, wood parameters variability and some of its influence on quality of building structure

    Jaroslaw Malesza Affiliation


Paper specifies the wood-framed with sheathing construction including phases of realization and exploitation. Methods of investigation based on practice and theory has been employed where practical identification of processes and their phases were presented with theoretical description of structure deformation within the exploitation period. Obtained results of investigations are presented in the form of technologic and mechanic of structure diagrams for buildings with adequate algorithms of analysis. Paper presents practical systematic of construction stages, technological problems and hazards in respect of loading and construction technology with method of computation of vertical deformations of building. Paper presents evaluation of contribution of wood defects in response to loading in the wood-framed residential building in exploitation process. Location of knots, allocation of pith in the elements cross section, defects of slope of grain and influence of moisture decreasing is examined in the paper. The wood-framed with sheathing in the form of large panel or modular three dimensional 3D elements are the most often used technology. This kind of buildings are actually constructed up to four story as a multifamily or varying universal buildings like school, kid-garden or offices. Low dead load from 0.30 to 1.00 kN/m2 and its favorable proportion to the live load increase energy saving factor in realization and within the exploitation time. Low own weight of structure enables complete prefabrication of wall, floor and roof panels, improving quality of construction and shortening time of construction. Process of prefabrication, wide assortment and variety of factory production does not require time consuming processes and complicated moulds or shuttering indispensable in precast RC structural elements.

Keyword : timber structure, wood-framed construction, modular buildings, construction phases, shrinkage and swelling deformations, bearing displacements

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Malesza, J. (2015). Possible defects in wood, wood parameters variability and some of its influence on quality of building structure. Engineering Structures and Technologies, 7(2), 67-80.
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Dec 18, 2015
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