Output-only modal identification of tensegrity structures

    Miniar Attig Affiliation
    ; Maher Abdelghani Affiliation
    ; Nabil ben Kahla Affiliation


Tensegrity systems are a special class of spatial reticulated structures that are composed of struts in compression and cables in tension. In this paper, the performance of stochastic subspace algorithms for modal identification of complex tensegrity systems is investigated. A sub-class algorithm of the Stochastic Subspace Identification family: the Balanced Realization Algorithm is investigated for modal identification of a tripod simplex structure and a Geiger dome. The presented algorithm is combined with a stabilization diagram with combined criteria (frequency, damping and mode shapes). It is shown that although the studied structures present closely spaced modes, the Balanced Realization Algorithm performs well and guarantees separation between closely-spaced natural frequencies. Modal identification results are validated through comparisons of the correlations (empirical vs. model based) showing effectiveness of the proposed methodology.

Keyword : system identification, stochastic subspace algorithm, balanced realization algorithm, tensegrity structures, Geiger dome, vibration

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Attig, M., Abdelghani, M., & Kahla, N. ben. (2016). Output-only modal identification of tensegrity structures. Engineering Structures and Technologies, 8(2), 52-64.
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Jul 7, 2016
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