Geometric dilution of precision of the GNSS for Mars (GNSS FATIMA)

    Jozef Kozar Affiliation
    ; Stanislav Durco Affiliation
    ; Frantisek Adamcik Affiliation


Positioning on Mars is one of the critical aspects of every planetary mission. Current complex planetary exploration systems (orbital and surface) rely on complex navigation and positioning systems, which make these systems complicated, expensive and their missions dangerous. The project of the global navigation satellite system for Mars (proposed system name – FATIMA) can make this and even future manned missions more safe, less expensive and the whole positioning in real time more reliable. The GNSS can be used by more systems or users simultaneously. In this research paper we focus on possible positioning errors when such a system is used. This research is focused on the GDOP – Geometric Dilution of Precision as one of the main factors influencing the GNSS.

Keyword : GNSS for Mars, GDOP in Mars conditions, project FATIMA, positioning on Mars, WGDOP

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Kozar, J., Durco, S., & Adamcik, F. (2016). Geometric dilution of precision of the GNSS for Mars (GNSS FATIMA). Aviation, 20(4), 183-190.
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Dec 20, 2016
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