Stress analysis of turbine components under spin rig thermomechanical condition

    Lucjan Witek Affiliation


This paper presents the stress analysis of a second stage turbine disc, subjected to spin rig test. To solve the problem, the finite element analysis of complex geometrical model of the disc/blade segment with much physical nonlinearity such as contact and plasticity was carried out. The adequate mechanical and thermal conditions for the spin rig test were next defined to determine the stress state of the disc/blade segment. High stress zones were found at the regions of the turbine where the first fatigue cracks are expected to appear. The results of this study are useful during the laboratory spin rig test of turbine. The zones of maximum stress indicated in this analysis will be in detail inspected under laboratory crack initiation and crack growth tests of turbine. For better understanding the phenomena occurring in spin rig test of turbine, the test details were also described.

First Published Online: 14 Oct 2010

Keyword : spin rig test, stress analysis, turbine disc, aircraft engine, FEM

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Witek, L. (2004). Stress analysis of turbine components under spin rig thermomechanical condition. Aviation, 8(4), 21-26.
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Dec 31, 2004
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