Informatics tools using estimation during pilot training

    Jan Gruszecki Affiliation
    ; Zbigniew Zajdel Affiliation
    ; Pawel Rzucidło Affiliation


The human interest in flight simulators and tools that facilitate the effective formation of piloting skills has more than half a century of tradition. Marked growth development of these tools happened after the implementation of digital techniques into the structure of simulators and after the obtainment of independent computer applications the enabling the operator's predispositions and performance level to be controlled and estimated. The questions that are posed in this area of such specific tools have been very often oriented towards the possibility and reasonableness of replacing real training flights with a simulation technique. Working on the problem of improving the level of safety in civil aviation, the authors conducted tests to determine the possibility of formalizing the principles of admittance for computers tools that are identified as OTD (Other Training Device) followed from JAR –STD 3A.005 (f) regulations. One of the aims of the experiments was to confirm the usefulness of the statistical methods that had been used to identify the pilot's skill level estimated for short series of flights. RUT Aviation Training Centre students, whose individual predispositions as operators and performance levels had been estimated using the WOMBAT – CS TOOL, took part in experiments based on elements of flight normalized in JAR – FCL 1.210. In this paper, the authors present and discuss the assumptions, accomplishments, and results of that experiment.

First published online: 14 Oct 2010

Keyword : pilot training, operator selection, evaluation method, safety

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Gruszecki, J., Zajdel, Z., & Rzucidło, P. (2007). Informatics tools using estimation during pilot training. Aviation, 11(4), 29-35.
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Dec 31, 2007
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