Virtual and flying models for aircraft development

    Sergio Chiesa Affiliation
    ; Sabrina Corpino Affiliation
    ; Marco Fioriti Affiliation
    ; Nicole Viola Affiliation


In the field of the widespread research activity focusing on ultra light aircraft, two different needs were merged into one single design activity: the educational necessity of getting students involved into a real design effort. Our intention was to apply the conceptual design methodologies developed by our research group, which is named ASSET (Aero Space Systems Engineering Team), to a real case study. The design case study was chosen after a thorough examination of existing vehicles. Starting from a reference aircraft, the concept of the new aircraft was then conceived and is now under completely defined. The conceptual design of the new ultra light aircraft is already finished, whereas its detailed design has just begun and is proceeding through the utilization of both virtual (3D‐CAD) and physical models.

First published online: 14 Oct 2010

Keyword : aircraft design education, ultra light aircraft, virtual model, physical model

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Chiesa, S., Corpino, S., Fioriti, M., & Viola, N. (2007). Virtual and flying models for aircraft development. Aviation, 11(2), 3-12.
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Jun 30, 2007
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