Analysis of three wing sections

    Eduardas Lasauskas Affiliation
    ; Laurynas Naujokaiti Affiliation


Three wing sections FX66‐S‐196VI, E603 and AH82–150A were analyzed. Measured data of these wing sections are published. First wing section was measured in Stuttgart University and in Delft University of Technology, when other two wing sections were measured in Stuttgart University. These wing sections have different behavior in the region of maximum lift. FX66‐S‐196VI wing section has sharp drop in lift. The stall of the second and third wing sections is smooth, though different. All wing sections are affected by laminar separation bubbles. The calculations were performed using three codes: Eppler Program System, XFOIL and RFOIL. Eppler's code uses non‐interacted inviscid plus boundary layer method. Influence of separation is estimated using empirical correction in this method. XFOIL code of Mark Drela, MIT uses interacted zonal viscous/inviscid method. The wall transpiration model in this code approximates the displacement effect on the outer inviscid flow. RFOIL is a modification of XFOIL code for application in wind turbines performed at Delft University of Technology. The code's prediction of the airfoil performance around the two dimensional maximum lift was enhanced. The comparison of calculated and measured data is presented and analyzed.

Trijų sparno profilių charakteristikų analizė

Santrauka. Tyrimuose analizuotos profilių FX 66-S-196 V1, E603 ir AH82-150A charakteristikų teorinės reikšmės, apskaičiuotos XFOIL, RFOIL ir PROFIL05 programomis.  Gautos  teorinės  reikšmės  palygintos  su  jau  atliktų  eksperimentinių  tyrinėjimų  rezultatais. Pirmas  profilis  buvo  tyrinėjamas  Delft technologijos  universitete  (Olandija)  ir  Štutgarto universitete  (Vokietija),  likę  du  –  Štutgarto  universitete.  Visi  profiliai  turi  skirtingas    maksimalios keliamosios  jėgos  dalis.  Profilio  FX  66-S-196  V1  keliamoji  jėga  mažėja  staiga.  Kitų  profilių  keliamoji  jėga  kinta  tolygiai,  tačiau  skirtingai.  Visų profilių charakteristikas įtakoja laminarinis atsiskyrimo burbulas.  

Reikšminiai žodžiai: profilis, charakteristikų analizė, palyginimas su eksperimentiniais rezultatais.

First publish online: 14 Oct 2010

Keyword : wing section, calculation, comparison with experiment

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Mar 31, 2009
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