Development of a theoretical approach to the conditional optimization of aircraft maintenance preference uncertainty


The paper builds on the ideas of previous research concerning the theoretical explanation of the aircraft operational process with regard to the preferences for maintenance organization by experts and aircraft operators, and describes the designed mathematical models. The problem of conditional extremization is considered. The uncertainty of aircraft technical operation multi-alternativeness is evaluated using the subjective entropy of the aircraft operators’ and experts’ preferences. By applying the subjective entropy extremization principle in view of its maximum, we obtain the conditional optimal distributions of the preferences. The proposed approach allows finding the optimal distribution of the aircraft fleet for the available maintenance alternatives, taking into consideration the restricted possible influences or shadow components of maintenance organizations. The concepts discussed here are important for evaluating the effectiveness of the aviation industry by making allowance for shadow parameters, if needed. The designed model is illustrated with diagrams.

Keyword : aircraft operation, airworthiness support, flight safety, aircraft maintenance, multi-alternativeness, uncertainty, subjective entropy extremization principle, optimization, shadow economy, individual preferences

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Goncharenko, A. (2018). Development of a theoretical approach to the conditional optimization of aircraft maintenance preference uncertainty. Aviation, 22(2), 40-44.
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Oct 16, 2018
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