A model to detect cartographic base changes affecting the map update

    Lina Papšienė Affiliation
    ; Kęstutis Papšys Affiliation
    ; Jelena Vaitkevičienė Affiliation


Spatial data of cartographic bases are often used for nautical and aeronautical charts, reference maps, or other thematic maps. Traditionally, such spatial data sets of different scales are created apart from each other, are stored in different databases, and, in many cases, have no relations. This makes the update of the spatial data a complex and costly task. Meanwhile, automatic detection of changes in spatial data, when older versions of data are compared to more recent version of data, saves time in this process. To model such a process, two major tasks are solved, namely, detection of a change in spatial data and identification of its significance to answer whether the change detected is significant enough that an update of the data will be effective. The model also takes into account the requirements for spatial data, the scale of the data, and update methods.

First published online: 28 Mar 2013

Keyword : spatial data, spatial objects, changes, map updating, scale, generalisation, GIS

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Papšienė, L., Papšys, K., & Vaitkevičienė, J. (2013). A model to detect cartographic base changes affecting the map update. Aviation, 17(1), 22-29.
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Mar 28, 2013
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