An algorithm for solving the problem of forecasting

    Victor Sineglazov Affiliation
    ; Elena Chumachenko Affiliation
    ; Vladyslav Gorbatyuk Affiliation


In this article, the main forecasting methods are considered. A new algorithm based on the group method of data handling and artificial neural networks is presented. The algorithm was tested on real data and showed better results than neural networks. This shows its suitability for further use in forecasting aviation tasks.

First published online: 28 Mar 2013

Keyword : artificial neural network, forecasting method, algorithm, mean square prediction error, group method of data handling, training set

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Sineglazov, V., Chumachenko, E., & Gorbatyuk, V. (2013). An algorithm for solving the problem of forecasting. Aviation, 17(1), 9-13.
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Mar 28, 2013
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