Airplane catastrophe as a result of operational errors and violations


In 2006 an accident occurred when a Cessna 152 training aircraft was carrying out a training flight. After taking off, the aircraft engine started to work sporadically as the aircraft gained altitude, and then it stopped. The aircraft crashed. During the crash, the aircraft was damaged and set on fire. Two people, the pilot-instructor and the trainee-pilot perished in the catastrophe. Aircraft of this type are not equipped with flight data recorders. As a result, it is a problem to objectively get information about the cause of the aircraft accident. With consideration of the available information (the investigation report and aircraft operating manual), the current paper contains the following: the pilot-instructor's possible operational analysis when preparing for the flight, the schemes of possible flight directions and trajectories in the situation, the scenarios of the operations the pilot could have made and the possible motion of the aircraft, the estimates that were conducted, and judgement of the pilot-instructor's operations during the accident according to the requirements of operational standards.

First published online: 01 Jul 2013

Keyword : aircraft operating manual, rules violation, human factor, aircraft accident, action analysis

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Medvedev, A. (2013). Airplane catastrophe as a result of operational errors and violations. Aviation, 17(2), 70-75.
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Jul 1, 2013
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