Damage identification in a plate-like structure using modal data

    Sandris Ručevskis Affiliation
    ; Andris Chate Affiliation


In this paper, an on-going research effort aimed at detecting and localising damage in plate-like structures by using mode shape curvature–based damage detection algorithms is described. Two alternative damage indexes are examined. The first one uses exclusively mode shape curvature data from the damaged structure. This method was originally developed for beam-like structures. In this paper, the method is generalised to plate-like structures that are characterised by two-dimensional mode shape curvature. To examine limitations of the method, several sets of simulated data are applied and damage detection results are compared to the damage identification method that requires mode shape information from both the undamaged and the damaged states of the structure. The modal frequencies and the corresponding mode shapes for the first 15 modes of a plate are obtained via finite element models. Simulated test cases include damage of various levels of severity. In order to ascertain the sensitivity of the proposed method to noisy experimental data, numerical mode shapes are corrupted with different levels of random noise.

First published online: 01 Jul 2013

Keyword : damage detection, modal analysis, plate, mode shape curvature, structural health monitoring

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Ručevskis, S., & Chate, A. (2013). Damage identification in a plate-like structure using modal data. Aviation, 17(2), 45-51.
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Jul 1, 2013
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