Integration of the ICAO Training Institute into the international education network

    Mykola Kulyk Affiliation
    ; Galyna Suslova Affiliation


Training plays a crucial role in ensuring the development and implementation of international Standards and Recommended Practices in aviation activities. Considering the existing policies and practices, the experts agreed on seven principles that the pan-European training policy should follow: promoting training, developing competency- based training, establishing an aviation culture, fostering mutual recognition, anticipating needs, supporting competition in training, ensuring quality of training and establishing a partnership with non-ECAC States. The ICAO Training Institute (National Aviation University, Kiev, Ukraine) fully meets the membership criteria of the European ECAC Network of Training Organisations and is accepted as a member of the network. The key activities include negotiations on cooperation, quality improvement and experience exchange, coordination of training programmes, development of new training programmes and training materials and creation of the pool of non-mandatory training courses.

First published online: 02 Jul 2014

Keyword : aviation specialist training, pan-European Network of Training Organisations, training policy, human resources, implementation of International Standards and Recommended Practices, safety thinking, human factor

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Kulyk, M., & Suslova, G. (2014). Integration of the ICAO Training Institute into the international education network. Aviation, 18(2), 104-108.
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Jul 2, 2014
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